Matcha Starter Kit

Matcha Starter Kit


This starter kit includes everything you need to make matcha your daily ritual, with the essential tools used in the Japanese tea ceremony.

What's included in the Matcha Starter Kit:

Certified Organic Matcha - 70g

Our Original Matcha Green Tea blend is made from 100% organic matcha green tea powder. Every leaf has been carefully handpicked and stoneground through a delicate artisanal process to produce this luxury blend.

Bamboo Whisk

The bamboo whisk (chasen) is essential to brewing a smooth, frothy matcha tea. Each whisk is handcrafted from bamboo and features 100 prongs.

Bamboo Scoop

The bamboo scoop (chasaku) allows you to measure the perfect serving of matcha every time with a heaped scoop (1/2 teaspoon).

Learn how to make matcha tea

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