We believe matcha is a Way of Life—a daily ritual for wellness in mind, body and spirit.

My Matcha Fix was founded on the simple philosophy that to thrive in our modern world, it’s never been more essential to nourish and balance our mind, body and spirit.

Drawing upon time-honoured traditions and a heritage of over 800 years around the use of matcha for health, beauty and vitality in Japan, we believe in sharing only the finest certified organic matcha, meticulously cultivated by Japanese tea artisans and grown pesticide-free in one of the most pristine tea regions in the world.

We take a holistic and lifestyle approach in our philosophy and believe in exploring a new way of modern living, steeped in natural beauty, simplicity and intention.

How We Live In The #MatchaMoment

We curate our collection with modern matcha essentials so you can eat, drink and live beautifully.

Mind Food For Inner Beauty

We believe beauty is an inside job. We think of the matcha ritual as a daily opportunity to slow down and focus on your inner beauty—to create space for self-care, gratitude, personal and self development, positive affirmation, inspiration and creativity.

Nourish To Flourish

We harness the power of pure green tea, Japan's age-old superfood for health, beauty and vitality. You flourish only when your body is in harmony with nature and nourished with natural and pure ingredients. That's why our matcha is certified organic, grown pesticide-free, and slowly and gently stoneground to retain every nutrient in green tea possible.

Beauty In Zen

We believe in the beauty of stillness in a world of noise and distraction. Our products are designed and curated to help you find moments of zen in your day, by infusing the beauty and benefits of Japanese matcha into your self-care ritual—to help you cultivate mindfulness, beautiful thinking and a happier, more fulfilled life from within.