How do subscriptions work?

You have the option to have My Matcha Fix delivered to your door automatically. The delivery schedule is up to you, with options from every 2 to 8 weeks. Simply select the option to subscribe and save on the product page for available subscription products, choose your delivery schedule, and get 10% off on every recurring order.

Products available for subscription:

Original Matcha Green Tea 70g

Original Matcha Green Tea Sachets 30g


Can I order subscription and non-subscription products together?

Yes. It's possible to add a subscription product and products you wish to order as a one-time purchase in the same cart. For example, you can order Original Matcha Green Tea 70g as a subscription and a one-time purchase of Matcha Whisk.


Can I have more than one subscription?

Yes. You can have more than one subscription on different delivery schedules. For example, you can have a subscription that is delivered every 2 weeks and another delivered every 6 weeks.


How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

You can simply modify or cancel a subscription by logging into your customer account, going to the Subscriptions tab and clicking on Cancel next to the product you wish to cancel. You can also select a different delivery schedule or skip the upcoming delivery by going to the Delivery Schedule tab once logged in.


Can I add products to my subscription?

Yes. In the Subscriptions tab, you can click on Add Product to add another product to your next delivery or choose another delivery schedule and shipment date.


What happens if a product in my subscription is out of stock?

The product won't be shipped until it's back in stock. If you don't wish to wait, you'll have the option to modify or cancel your subscription using the steps above.

Have another question?

Contact customer service at if you have any questions about your subscription or managing your shipping and billing information.