How to Brew Matcha


Matcha Brew Guide, Step 1, Scoop Matcha

Step 1

Scoop ½-1 teaspoon of matcha into a mug or bowl.

Matcha Brew Guide, Step 2, Add Hot Water

Step 2

Pour 80ml of hot water at 80°C (176°F)—not boiling—over the matcha.

Matcha Brew Guide, Step 3, Whisk Matcha Powder

Step 3

Whisk in a quick M or W motion until powder is blended and a layer of froth forms on top.

Matcha Brew Guide, Step 4, Add Water for Tea or Milk for Matcha Latte

Step 4

Fill up with hot water to make tea or add your choice of milk, heated or steamed, to make a matcha latte. Enjoy your matcha fix!

Our Tips

For matcha preparation and storage

DO Use ceremonial grade matcha for the finest quality drinking matcha, which is essential for enjoying the silky smooth, subtle yet complex notes of matcha. Ceremonial matcha can be identified by its rich jade green colour, fine powder texture and non-bitter, umami-sweet taste. We've taken the hassle and guesswork out of choosing between matcha grades and blends and offer only ceremonial grade matcha for the best taste and benefits, for every use.

DON'T Use matcha mixed with additives or fillers such as preservatives, sugar and maltodextrin.

DO As an optional step, sift your matcha using a tea strainer to get rid of any clumps before whisking.

DON'T Use boiling water. This can burn your matcha, losing its delicate flavour and causing bitterness. It can also mean losing any nutrients sensitive to heat.

DO Store your matcha in a cool, dry place in its resealable bag or an airtight container, ideally refrigerated for maximum quality and freshness. Once opened, matcha is best consumed within 90 days.

DON'T Expose your matcha to direct sunlight, heat, air or moisture as its quality can quickly deteriorate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I froth my matcha?

We recommend using a small amount of water—no more than 80ml or  cup of water for ½-1 teaspoon of matcha—when whisking. We've found this is the best water to matcha ratio for creating a frothy matcha. Only fill up after whisking.

We also recommend using a wide mug or bowl to allow for plenty of room to whisk.

For matcha lattes, using an electric milk frother can help you achieve a creamy layer of froth.

I don’t have a matcha whisk. Can I still make matcha without one?

Yes, you can still make matcha by using a spoon to stir your powder into hot or cold water. You can also add the powder into a bottle with water and shake to dissolve.

However, for ideal texture and flavour, we recommend using a matcha whisk as it's designed to separate matcha powder and create the ideal cup of matcha and a silky smooth brew. It also works to trap small pockets of air to create a creamy layer of froth on the surface of your matcha.

Can I take my matcha on the go?

Yes, you can enjoy matcha even when you're crunched for time. Our single serve sachets are perfect for taking with you on the go and for travel. 

Simply empty a sachet into your water, juice or smoothie in a bottle or powder shaker and give it a shake.