About Us

Who We Are

Since 2017, we’ve thoughtfully sourced and shared the world’s finest green tea. Japanese matcha that not only tastes beautiful but brings you health and beauty from the inside out.

Sharing some of the finest matcha available in the world cultivated by Japanese tea artisans, enriched with a long history of green tea cultivation, is only one part of our purpose. We saw a need to explore the age-old link between matcha and wellness in mind, body and spirit, guided by its over 800 year history in Japanese culture and Zen philosophy, and to apply ancient wisdom to the modern life of noise and distraction. We believe in exploring a new way of modern living, steeped in natural beauty, simplicity and intention.

At MY MATCHA FIX, we are driven to curate, educate and inspire a Way of Life, to help make achieving wellness and beauty as simple, yet as impactful, as a cup of matcha.

Who You Are

You're busy and ambitious. A dreamer and a doer. You have an appreciation for creativity and authenticity. A seeker of wellness and beauty. Most of all, you know there’s more to life than your daily grind. You want more energy to show up in the world and, more importantly, to your dreams and goals. But not the jittery kind of energy. You want a pure energy that radiates from the inside and glows on the outside—the kind where you feel inspired, aligned and ready to take on the day, each and every day.

Our collection is designed and curated to help you slow down and make your 'me time' a non-negotiable, with the simple, time-honoured luxury of Japanese matcha. Because wellness is the new luxury.

Our core purpose is to connect people to the beauty of nature. To their own inner beauty and zen. And ultimately to what's important to them: good health, happiness and living an inspired life.