Discover Our Matcha

Discover Our Matcha


Gluten, dairy, sugar, GMOs, artificial colours or flavours, preservatives, environmental pollutants and toxins, and pesticides.



We source our matcha from the oldest green tea region in the worldβ€”with 800 years of tea history β€”in the pristine tea fields of Kyoto, Japan. Japan's soil quality, farming and production standards, and deeply entrenched tea tradition in the country's culture and history contribute to the delicate and complex process of cultivating matcha. The superior quality of Japanese matcha is not found anywhere else in the world.


What makes matcha a unique tea and packed full of powerful amino acids and nutrients is in the careful production cycle from cultivation, shade growing, handpicking, processing to milling. For over 800 years, matcha production methods in Japan have been refined and perfected in pursuit of the vibrant green powder it is today.

Our matcha begins production on a small green tea farm in Kyoto. The organically cultivated Camellia sinensis plant is shade grown for 4 weeks. This process involves gradually shading the plants from direct sunlight, which results in more chlorophyll, L-theanine and antioxidants. After 4 weeks, the youngest shoots are handpicked by a dedicated farmer and sent off to be processed. The leaves are then sorted by appearance, colour, flavour and aroma, with only the finest leaves sent off to the stone mill. They are de-stemmed and de-veined to keep the best parts of the leaf, known as tencha, before being stoneground into the green powder known as matcha.

Our signature organic blend is found in all My Matcha Fix products.


My Matcha Fix Organic Matcha Green Tea is certified organic by the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) and the equivalent USDA and EU certifications. We also source Australian Certified Organic raw ingredients for our matcha blends where possible.



We provide the finest organic blend of matcha that is both suitable for drinking and cooking. We sought to find a balance between matcha that was smooth enough for drinking and one that had a distinctive and rich flavour for food creations, without the bitterness of low quality grades. Our one signature blend takes the confusion out of selecting between different grades of matcha.

We are careful to consider the purity, freshness and colour of our matcha. We ensure our matcha is finely milled from the youngest shoots of the green tea plant, which contain the highest amounts of chlorophyll, amino acids and antioxidants as well as having a more vibrant green colour. Our matcha is also certified organic by JAS, USDA and EU, ensuring it is free from pesticides and other toxins.