• Original Matcha Green Tea 70g (2 Pack)

Original Matcha Green Tea 70g (2 Pack)



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Enjoy more matcha and get a bonus gift for a limited time only. This value bundle includes two 70g packs of Original Matcha Green Tea plus a BONUS 30g sachet pack worth $35. 

For: Daily matcha drinkers who want a delicate, silky smooth brew, with subtle yet complex notes and little to no bitterness. This matcha can also be used for quality, rich green matcha treats and desserts in the kitchen.

Original Matcha Green Tea is ideal for silky smooth, antioxidant-rich matcha elixirs and lattes. The unmatched quality of ceremonial matcha will enrich your self-care ritual and support your health and beauty from within.

What is ceremonial grade? Ceremonial is the finest grade of matcha available across Japan and in the world, with more antioxidants and L-theanine than the average matcha. This is thanks to a refined artisanal process from shade growing, harvesting to milling. This grade is exclusively used in the art of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Why My Matcha Fix

At My Matcha Fix, we sought to find quality Japanese matcha that not only tasted beautiful but could bring the most health and beauty benefits.

Our artisanal ceremonial grade matcha is thoughtfully sourced from Japan in small batches, made from only the youngest tea leaves stoneground to an antioxidant-rich, silky smooth powder. The abundance of antioxidants, L-theanine and chlorophyll in ceremonial matcha supports energy, mental clarity, metabolism, detoxification, and overall health, beauty and vitality.

Original Matcha Green Tea is non-GMO, pesticide-free and JAS, USDA and EU certified organic.

How To Use

Directions: Use 2g (½-1 teaspoon) or 1 sachet with hot water at 80°C (176°F). Stir or whisk until blended. Add your choice of milk to make a matcha latte.

Follow our simple tea-torial here.

Serving suggestions: Add 2-12g (½ teaspoon-1 tablespoon) or 1-6 sachets into your favourite smoothies, raw treats, desserts or mix into a natural face or body mask for healthy and glowing skin.


Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea.

Grade & Flavour Profile

Grade: Ceremonial grade.

Flavour profile: Delicately grassy with a fresh, savory umami note.

Organic Certifications

JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard)

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

EU (European Union)


Original Matcha Green Tea 70g: Refrigerate after opening. Use within 90 days of opening for maximum quality and freshness. Keep bag sealed.

Original Matcha Green Tea Sachets 30g: Refrigerate for maximum quality and freshness or store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Refund Policy

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