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The traditional matcha whisk, or chasen 茶筅, is key to a great cup of matcha. The whisk will allow you to create the rich, creamy texture matcha is well known for. Each whisk is carefully handmade by artisans from premium natural bamboo and crafted with 120 prongs for more efficient whisking.

About Chasen

The chasen is a beautiful traditional tool combining form and function. Not only has it been an aesthetic feature in the art of the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries but its timeless design helps create the ideal cup of matcha. The prongs help separate matcha powder for a silky smooth brew. They also work to trap small pockets of air to create a creamy layer of froth on the surface of your matcha.

How to use

Whisk your matcha in a quick M or W motion until powder is blended and a layer of froth forms on top.

Follow our simple tea-torial here.

Hand wash immediately after each use and allow to air dry in a well-ventilated area, with prongs pointing down to prevent moisture collection.


10cm L x 6cm W.

As each whisk is individually handcrafted and unique, +/- 10% variations may occur.

Material & Care

100% premium natural bamboo.

Rinse with water before first use. Hand wash after use by rinsing with warm water. Do not use soap. Let air dry with prongs pointing down. We highly recommend storing your whisk with Nori Whisk Holder.

Not dishwasher-safe.