Staying Motivated When Working From Home

Finding the motivation to work—especially if you're working from home and feeling isolated—during this uncertain time can be a struggle. With anxiety and uncertainty brought on by news and media during this time, it’s no surprise that we may lose focus and feel less in control of our lives.

To help you navigate this time, here are ways to find inspiration, motivation and productivity during this challenging time.

Commit to time blocking

When you’re working from home, it’s easy to let go of the structure of an office environment and accountability when face-to-face with your co-workerseven if you try to stay connected through email and video calls. To avoid time slipping away from you, set a schedule for yourself and timeblock your daily tasks. Stay flexible and review and set your schedule daily to focus on the top priorities as you move along in your projects.

Get out of your pyjamas

It may feel comfortable and liberating to work in your pyjamas but if you’re not careful you may get too comfortable. Working from home can often mean blurring the line between work and what you do at home—you may feel more inclined to put on Netflix, take a nap or catch up on laundry. Without some boundaries in place these distractions can get in the way of your productivity.

To get into the mindset of work, put on the clothes and makeup you would normally wear to work or perhaps a more comfortable variation. Dressing for work can feel like a psychological and visual reminder to yourself and those around you. It'll help you establish a simple boundary between work and relaxation.

Create a designated workspace

Staying focused is easier when you've set up an environment and a space to encourage productivity. Instead of working from your bed or the dining table where you may get distracted, make it a point to work from a desk or study room with a comfortable chair. Keep your space minimal and tidy, allow in as much natural light as possible, and keep only work and inspirational materials in your workspace—a good workspace is essential to staying energised and motivated to get things done.

Take self-care breaks

For some, it can be easy to get carried away with working more when working from home. You might work through lunch breaks or past your finish time to catch up or get more done. While this can be tempting, burnout and exhaustion is a common and serious problem among entrepreneurs and the self-employed, and it can hit workers who are now working from home without their usual structure and support network.

Take breaks to avoid overworking. Make yourself a matcha latte to boost your 'zenergy' and focus, or take a short walk around the block to feel refreshed. Finish off your work day by getting into a warm magnesium bath soak to relax any tired or aching muscles.

Move your body

With gyms and studios temporarily shut down, it can be hard to get back to your routine or to prioritise exercise. However, moving your body is as important as ever and staying on top of your fitness will not only benefit your physical wellbeing, sleep and immunity, but will release the feel-good endorphins you'll need to stay balanced and mentally well through a stressful time. Consider doing yoga and bodyweight workouts from home, investing in resistance bands, or simply going outside for a jog.

Stay connected

Lastly, don’t let social distancing make you feel disconnected from the world and your loved ones. With isolation comes loneliness in many cases, which can impact your mental health. Fortunately, in an age of digital technology, there are plenty of ways to stay in touch with your colleagues, friends and loved ones. Connecting with others and reaching out for supportand providing support for otherseven if through a screen, will help you maintain perspective, gratitude and connection during this time.

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