5 Signs Your Body Needs a Spring Cleanse

The beautiful spring season has arrived here in Australia and it's the time of year that inspires the mood to do some serious spring cleaning. 

We all know clearing out clutter helps to bring a sense of orderliness, control and clarity in our life. We also know maintaining a clean, organised living space and work space helps us lift our mood, feel inspired, and increase our motivation and productivity.

But what about spring cleaning the home that is your mind and body?

Read below for 5 signs you may need a bit of 'spring cleansing'.

1. Your skin is looking dull

Our skin is a reflection of what's going on inside our body and dull, dry skin could be a sign of dehydration. Spring is the perfect time to remind yourself to drink more water as the weather warms up. Drinking your recommended daily water intake—around 2 to 3 litres for most people—is the tried and true way to make your skin glow.

2. You have trouble focusing

Does your brain feel foggy and are you easily losing focus at work? A foggy mind could be a sign of pushing yourself too hard at work and underlying stress. A deep breathing exercise can help you practice your focus and cleanse your mind from overwhelming thoughts and distractions. The best thing about this technique is you can practice it anytime and anywhere.

3. You're feeling tired and lethargic—even after coffee

If you're struggling to get out of bed in the morning even after getting your 7 to 8 hours of sleep—or you're ready to nap by middayit could be a sign your body is feeling the effects of excess caffeine consumption or your body is overburdened with toxins. If you're someone who drinks multiple cups of day, try reducing your intake to 1 or 2 a day or switching your caffeine source to matcha for a gentle, sustained boost of energy. Matcha is also highly detoxifying thanks to its abundance of antioxidants and chlorophyll.

4. Your digestion is sluggish

Bloating, gas and constipation usually means the flora of your gut is out of balance. To help combat this, you can give your digestion a boost by starting your mornings with a warm glass of water and a squeeze of half a lemon. Other things that can help include eating more fruit, greens and wholefoods, drinking herbal tea, and taking probiotic supplements to help bring your gut back into balance.

5. Your immune system is weak

Constantly getting hit by the common cold or flu is a sign your body isn't getting the nutrition it needs to support your immune system. Getting enough hours of sleep is also important for supporting your health and wellbeing. Maintaining good sleep hygiene and a consistent sleep pattern can help bring your immune system back into check.

Make your spring cleansing quick and simple with Matcha To Glow Kit, including single serve matcha sachets and a matcha whisk to brew your matcha latte fix. You can also empty a sachet into your favourite smoothie.

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