How to Make a Dalgona Matcha

Dalgona coffee is the interesting new drink trending on social media. It’s a variation of your regular coffee or iced coffee. Not a coffee drinker? Then dalgona matcha is another way to enjoy this deliciously creamy drink. The best part is it's easy to make at home in less than ten minutes.

But what exactly is in a dalgona coffee or matcha?

Dalgona is a South Korean word which means 'honeycomb toffee'. Dalgona coffee is a fluffy drink made by mixing equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and water and pouring the creamy mixture on top of cold or hot milk.

This form of coffee isn’t new. In fact, it’s common across the world in Macau, Pakistan and India where it’s called whipped coffee. In Greece, the drink is known as a frappe coffee and is considered the country’s unofficial national drink. In Libya, it’s called the cappuccino Libyan style. With matcha being a popular alternative for non-coffee drinkers, a variation of the dalgona coffee using matcha powder instead of instant coffee is another way to enjoy this creamy beverageand get your matcha fixat home while your favourite cafes are temporarily closed.

Dalgona Matcha

Get your matcha fix with our recipe for the perfect creamy and fluffy dalgona matcha. Instead of using tablespoons of matcha powder, as with the instant coffee variation, whipping cream or egg whites help to create the desired consistency.


thickened whipping cream or 2 egg whites

1 tsp maple syrup or sugar

1½ tsp matcha

1/4 tsp vanilla extract


Optional: ice cubes


Place whipping cream, sugar and matcha into a mixing bowl and use a handheld mixer to beat the mixture until blended.

With the egg white option, beat the mixture well with sugar and matcha. Beat until egg whites have a fluffy consistency.

Add vanilla extract to the cream or egg white mixture and blend well.

For a hot matcha dalgona, heat milk before adding the whipped matcha over the top. For an iced matcha dalgona, add ice cubes to milk before adding the whipped matcha.

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