About My Matcha Fix

My Matcha Fix was born from a passion for health and nutrition and years of drinking green tea daily for its health and healing benefits before discovering matcha tea. It was on our first trip to Japan when we became inspired by its culture, healthy traditional cuisine and learned more about the superfood of Japan. From there, our love for matcha became a mission to spread matcha love across the world so others could discover and enjoy the green goodness of one of nature's finest superfoods.

Our mission is to help others discover the magic of matcha and to experience the taste and health benefits of premium matcha however they want. Not only can My Matcha Fix be enjoyed in the traditional Japanese way as a tea, it's also a versatile superfood ingredient for a variety of food, beverages and even skincare.

My Matcha Fix is all natural and certified organic. We offer Japanese certified organic matcha and we're proud to select Australian certified organic superfoods for our blends. By exclusively working with certified organic suppliers we ensure that our products are of the finest quality, free of any chemicals and toxins from pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers used in standard farming practices. 

At My Matcha Fix, we celebrate the delicacy of Japanese matcha, its powerful health benefits and its versatility. We also believe in a holistic, natural approach to health through organic living where possible, nutrition, fitness and spiritual wellbeing. We're passionate about discovering new ways to improve our health and making conscious decisions every day to nourish the mind, body and soul.

About My Matcha Fix

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