From Leaf to Cup

The journey to beautiful tasting matcha begins in the pristine tea fields of Japan.

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What Our Customers Say

  • I crave for my latte every morning. It sets the tone for my day so I get to work feeling calm yet full of energy. My energy levels have never been better. I really enjoy the taste of My Matcha Fix, it's smooth and not bitter at all which I was worried about when switching from my loose leaf green tea to matcha.
    - Kelsey P.
  • "I love the process of using a whisk to make my tea—it's quite therapeutic. Using the traditional bamboo whisk with a bowl makes the whole experience so luxurious and like a treat for myself, and doesn't even take much time. I love the quality and taste."
    - Alex S.
  • I finally tried out My Matcha Fix after hearing about all the health benefits of matcha. It tastes great and makes me feel like I'm doing something good for my body. A detox without much effort because I just drink it in place of coffee every day. Since cutting out coffee for matcha I'm so happy to notice I've had less breakouts and my skin is clearing up and looking brighter.
    - Hannah L.

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